I’l get straight to the point here. i need people who can contribute ten rupees……once a week……40 rs a month…..for a good cause…..i need people…who feel that making a good career and marrying a wonderful girl….and ensuring pretty much the same for one’s children isn’t all that is there to life……i need people who feel tht life is not worth having lived if u don’t make a difference to one hungry child, one discarded old couple….one uneducated girl….one child dying from cancer…..one person…..i need people who can have enough faith in me to believe that my idea can be a small effort towards making that difference. i need people who can give me ten rupees a week. we can work together towards making a difference to one life in a month. towards educating some one….feeding some one curing some one or loving some one. the collection and usage of funds will be made transparent on this very page. anybody willing?

Dushyant Arora



One Response to “Being Human”

  1. anusuya Says:

    so hws ur wrk goin ???? keep me informd!!!!

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